Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having trouble installing the security profile.  What should I do?

Here are some solutions to problems that other users have encountered:

1. Make sure Safari is enabled. The security profile can only be installed through Safari due to Apple’s restrictions.

2. If enrolling through the website, the enrollment link has to be visited in Safari on the device you’d like to monitor

3. Check if another security profile is installed (only one may be installed per device).  Tap on the “Settings” app, go to “General” then “Profiles”  If there is an entry under “Configuration Profiles” it will have to be removed in order to use AppCertain’s service.

How do I monitor more than one device?

You can purchase additional devices as in app purchases for a one-time cost of $4.99.

How much is the app monitoring service?

Free!  No, really.  Our app monitoring service is free to monitor one device.  We are working on premium services that will allow for greater control and insight into your family’s iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

How does the app monitoring service work?

Install AppCertain’s AppMonitor app, register an account, and follow the instructions to install what’s called a “security profile” on the device.  This security profile uses “mobile device management” resources to check which apps are installed on the device.  When we detect a new app has been installed, within 24 hours we’ll analyze it and generate a report that we email to you.

Why do you need to access all my information and can you wipe my device?!

We don’t and we can’t!  While security profiles can be created to access more information on the device and affect the behavior, our security profile only has access to the list of applications installed on the device and the unique ID of the device so we can make sure it’s your device.  You can verify this by opening the Settings App, go to General->Profiles->AppCertain Enrollment…->More Details->Mobile Device Management and verify that the “Rights” section only contains “List installed applications.”  Check out our privacy policy for more details.

How do I start monitoring which apps are installed on my family’s devices?

It’s really easy; on the device you’d like to monitor, install AppCertain’s AppMonitor app, register an account, and follow the instructions to install what’s called a “security profile” on the device. After that you can remove the AppMonitor app if you’d like.  As long as the security profile remains on the device, we’ll continue to send you notifications about any new app installs.

I installed the security profile, but I don’t want it any more.  How do I remove it?

We’re sorry to see you go, but we’re happy to let you know that removing the security profile is just as easy as installing it.  Open the Settings app, go to General->Profiles.  You should see an entry under “Configuration Profiles.”  Tap that, then the button that says “Remove.”  Confirm you do want to remove the profile and you’re done!  If you’re worried that your child will remove the profile, hold tight.  We are currently working on an updated version that will only be able to be removed by you.

How can I have more control of my family’s devices?

Before AppCertain there were only two options for parental controls on iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches.  U se Apple’s built in restrictions by opening the Settings app and going to General->Restrictions.  When you enable restrictions make sure you pick a passcode that you will not forget, because there is no way to recover this passcode and you will have to wipe the device if you forget it.  If you wish to have more control you must jail break your device and then you can install spyware on it.  AppCertain is currently developing solutions that fit between these two extremes, and our first service allows you to monitor which apps are installed on the device.  We accomplish this without the need to install an app or requiring that you jail break your device.

Do you have an app in the Apple App Store?

Yes!  Download it here.

Who is Birchmere Ventures?

AppCertain is a studio company at Birchmere Labs and Birchmere Ventures is our parent company.

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  • abrewmeister

    saw this on the news, for android any time in the future?

    • AppCertain

      It’s on our roadmap! =)

  • Mrs9erfan

    I was going to ask the same thing!! PLEASE make it for the Android!!! I see it’s on the “roadmap”…is there an ETA on that?

    • AppCertain

      We’re happy you’re so excited =) It will likely take us another 6-9 months, but we’re working on it!

      • Mrs9erfan

        Bummer!! :) Come on…git er dun!!! J/K! :)

  • Chris

    Hi, Great App. The only issue I have is I would like to exclude certain apps from the curfew mode such as iBooks. Many times I want my child to read but not play games. Will that be an option in the future?


    CE in TN

    • AppCertain

      Hi Chris, thanks! We’re limited by what Apple lets us do, but we’re working on ways of having better control over which apps get hidden. We’ll be sure to keep everyone updated!

  • simon allan

    Hi appcertain, this app is great and i was thinking of adding this to more devices but my step daughter found a flaw with the curfew, i set this up to turn on, but all she did was an app restore through icloud and all the apps were back on and the curfew is still in place, is this correct or has anyone else found this to be true.

    • AppCertain

      Thanks for the feedback Simon! We haven’t heard of this before, but I’ll look into it and get back to you.

    • Wms92682

      Is this possible? I hope they don’t find that out.

    • Curtis

      My son did the same thing and downloaded all the apps again causing the curfew to not function at all. I’ve removed the security profile and tried to reinstall, but I cant get it work. How do you reinstall the security profile and start over?

  • Wendy

    If I remove the app will the Ceres still work?

    • AppCertain


  • Krista Grace

    How soon do you think the update will be ready to keep kids from deleting the profile?

    • AppCertain

      Hi Krista, I don’t have a good ETA. Certainly not before the end of the year.

  • Anthony

    My sons ipod doesn’t seem to be turning off or on during the times I scheduled it to. Maybe I didn’t set it up correctly. Can you please tell me how to set times? Thanks

    • AppCertain

      Hi Anthony, one common issue we’re discovering is that the curfew start time is when all apps will start to be off. This has been more confusing then it should. If that doesn’t help, feel free to contact us at and we can try to work everything out together.

  • Wms92682

    Love this app. I wish children couldn’t dlete the profile and I wish the camera wasn’t included when curfew mode was on. And one last thing, the apps being ungrouped when activated. Very inconvenient.

    • AppCertain

      Thanks for the feedback! When we have updates that address any of these issues I’ll be sure to let you know!

  • Teejaii Herron

    So explain. Apple only allows you certain things? Bc I would like only certain applications blocked. But your curfew is blocking every application. Even reading eggs. So I was wondering if that’s what Apple is only allowing you to do or are you guys going to give us the option of what we can and can block for curfew?

    • AppCertain

      Apple only allows us to turn off all downloaded apps, or none. (Actually they let us turn off all apps based on the age. This is the same as setting restrictions for apps through the settings app.) We felt the most useful version of this was to turn every app on or off, because apps like Chrome (a web browser) are rated 4+. In the future we may add more specific options to which apps can be blocked by curfew, but it will likely be very limited (again because Apple doesn’t allow us to control on an app by app basis).

  • Scott

    Does curfew shut off safari?

    • AppCertain


  • Robert Larsen

    Hi, We are trying to create an account through the Kids device but keep getting the error code 3840. We have tried with different passwords, email addresses etc, and nothing seems to work. Can you please point me in the right direction so that I can create an account?

    • AppCertain

      Apologies to any users who are encountering this. We’re in the process of renewing our SSL certificate to keep AppCertain secure, and at the moment no one can log in or create an account. Everything should be back to normal in less then 24 hours.

  • Marshall’s Mom

    Hi! I would like to temporarily disable my son’s game apps (Minecraft PE, specifically), but I don’t want to delete the progress he has made in the game. If I use your Curfew, will it delete the data from the game? — Thank you!!

    • AppCertain

      Hi Marshall’s Mom,
      Curfew Mode shouldn’t effect any data from the game. If your son is playing a game when curfew mode is activated it will close the game, but most apps are designed to handle this (it’s the same as pressing the home button or power button).

      Thank you!

  • robhelman

    how do i override the curfew if i want to use the device?

    • AppCertain

      You can override curfew from the app on another device, or by logging into your account at

  • Guest

    My daughter removed the security profile, how do I get it back on her device?

  • Robert Larsen

    Hi Again, I am trying to login to your website and I am not able to login. Everytime I click the login button, the page hangs and says it can not load. Every other page on your website, except I can’t login. I have tried on different devices and different internet connections. Can you offer any solution for this problem?


    • Tab

      Have the same problem as Robert. Please help!

  • Curtis

    I’ve purchased the use of another device which is an iPhone4s. After I download the appcertain app and the screen comes up asking if it is a Kids or Parents device, the app crashes and the screen returns back to the main iPhone icons screen. It does not ever get to the point of putting a profile on the phone. I’ve even reset the phone and wiped all apps and reloaded with no success. I’ve left voice mail and email for help but have not heard from any support. Am I doing something wrong? I do have it working on two iPods. Please help.

  • Aaron

    I had this app on my daughter’s iPad when she dropped it and broke the screen. We were able to do a one-for-one swap at Target since it was recently purchased, but when I ran the recovery on the new iPad in iTunes and opened the appcertain app it prompted me to pay $4.99. Since the device this app was loaded has been swapped, can it be removed from my account and the new iPad added at no additional cost?

  • RosaLee Nigro

    I think I registered the parent on my daughter’s device, how can I undo this?

  • Thad

    Safari is gone when curfew is off….where did it go

  • HouTXMom

    My son’s iPad won’t turn off from curfew mode. I tried describing App Certain on his iPad from my phone and had no luck, other than to remove it from my iPad, I reset his setting on his iPad and nada, not sure what else I can do. Help please!!!

  • Anubis

    I am getting error code 3840 what do I do

    • Bill

      Same. Been happening for two days. Very annoying!

  • Bill

    Please fix this app! I paid for it and I want to be able to use it!

  • Wayne

    Every time I try to log on it times out now. What’s going on? I have done hard resets. I have done with wifi and cellular. I have reinstalled app. I am starting to feel ripped off after paying for additional devices.

  • John

    This is the 3rd time now that app certain has prevented my son from playing his apps on the weekend. I tried to remove the app but I need a code that of course I don’t have. I take it that the creators of appcertain don’t work weekends nor do they care that their app is not working. It’s a good thing the app only cost $4.99. Not sure how you guys are getting all these great reviews when your app has more problems then it is solving.

    • Digital Security Mom

      I found the same problem. I went in and uninstalled the profile until they get it fixed. Settings>General>Profile (iOS)

      • Kneedy

        there is not a profile option under Settings>General

        • Digital Security Mom

          Then, that means you don’t have the software installed. The App itself doesn’t do much after you install it. It’s the profile that does all the hard work. If the profile is gone, then the system won’t be able to go in and out of curfew mode. Are you still in curfew mode even with the profile gone? If so, check to see if you are connected to the Internet via wifi or cellular. Also, did you reboot?

  • Naina Fadler

    I have error500 what does that mean

    • Digital Security Mom

      The server isn’t working (on their end). I found the same problem. I’m assuming it is with the technical issues they Tweeted about yesterday.

  • Smarguy

    What happen? Your server has some problems that the curfew mode is always on and I can’t switch it off. We can’t use our device for few days. How can I remove your application when curfew mode is on?

    • Digital Security Mom

      I found the same problem. I went in and uninstalled the profile until they get it fixed. Settings>General>Profile (iOS)

  • Pablo

    Great app, except that I want to be able to control which apps go into “Curfew Mode”, not just all non apple apps. Are you working on an update to be able to control down to the app level? If so, what’s your expected timing for release?

  • Lisa Carpenter

    I downloaded AppCertain on my son’s iPhone a couple weeks ago and know that it successfully connected because when I logged into my profile, it shows all of his apps from that point. However, I learned last night that since that time, he has downloaded and deleted MANY apps (which is ok with me, our agreement is that I will monitor what he does via AppCertain), but AppCertain has not notified me of this activity??? So this morning I logged on to my AppCertain account and saw that the last time it “contacted” his iPhone was 9 days ago! What would cause that???? The AppCertain profile is still on his phone, and he cannot take it off because I have the profile settings locked. So why is AppCertain not connecting with my son’s phone all the time? BTW, we are not new to AppCertain. We used this program successfully on my son’s iPod before switching him to an iPhone, so I know how this app is supposed to work. So I’m puzzled why it’s not working correctly now….. Help?

  • Jordan

    Can I read my child’s text messages?

  • ughhh

    The apps arent coming back after an hour! What do I do? I hate AppCertain because of this! VERY ANNOYING! DO NOT BUY APPCERTAIN!!!!!!

  • CaringParent

    Two questions. 1) How often does it check to see if a new app has been installed? 2) What happens if an app in installed, used for couple of hours, and then uninstalled? Will I still get a notification?

  • HatRackMom

    Is this available for Androids yet?

  • BP

    My sons iPhone 5c when curfew mode is set to turn on at 10pm does not turn on. I manipulated the times of the curfew and it never turns on or off unless I hit the update button after the time set is passed.

  • C W

    This app was fab until all of a sudden the scheduled curfew mode no longer works. This was one of the main reasons why your app is superior to a lot of others.
    If this isn’t working then what is the point? Having to manually go in and switch it on/off kind of defeats the object!
    Please fix this or I will have no choice but to uninstall and use another more suitable app.

  • Kaitlyn_raymer

    I am a college kid and I am looking for an app that will limit the time I can spend on certain apps per day, for instance 10 min/ day on Facebook. But I don’t want to disable all non essential apps because I have a few that are great study tools. I have tried this app and it works well for what you have designed it for, but it is too much for the regulation I am interested in. Do you have any suggestions for apps that will work well for me? Or are you going to be including an update anytime soon that could include a feature like this? I’m sure it would be beneficial for parents too as their children have productive and non productive apps on their devices as well.

  • Gulf7841

    Curfew mode is not working i tryed and tryed and its not turning off

  • Momma1

    Is there any other way turn off curfew mode off.. I can’t get it off

  • Stephanie

    My App no longer works. I am getting this error “Could not turn on curfew mode Expected status code in (200-299) got 500” What is this?

  • SimonH

    Curfew mode is ‘stuck on’ on my daughter’s iPhone. Can’t turn it off in the app on my phone nor the web console, where I get a white page and ‘Server Error (500)’ message when I try to turn curfew mode off/apps back on. Having used it for a while with sufficient success to recommend the app to a friend, he tried it and said it was full of bugs, I’m now inclined to agree and think it will be replaced before long if these problems aren’t sorted. Another irritation is the app on my phone not storing my login details, so have to enter my details on a fiddly iPhone keypad EVERY TIME I want to use it. PITA. Come on Birchmere, you’re onto something here, don’t blow it. Get the products you have out there working right!

  • nola mom

    Curfew mode will not turn off. Did not turn off at the set time nor will it turn off manually. We are getting a Server Error (500) message.

  • Henry

    I have this app on my sons iPhone so when he goes home at night I can turn off his apps and access to the Internet at a certain time. It was working fine for about two weeks. Then when I tried to turn on curfew mode one night, it gave me error code (200-299) got 500. I have no idea what that means or how I can fix it. Please help!

  • tat

    Are you guys still in business? Stopped working last week and I can’t get it to work again..?? Hello?

    • jwb

      I don’t think they are in business….have called, emailed, no reply from them on any questions for a year

  • tat

    Same Server Error Code 500

  • kangavarchi

    i have problem
    i cant change curfew mode in my son’s ipad

  • kangavarchi

    anybody know that how can remove this application ?
    my kids Ipad still lock

  • narsing

    hello, can any one tell me, when the AppCertain, Inc. was closed its operations/doors.